Wheels Make the Ride: Part II

My fascination with wheels continues this week in a brief overview of how the wheels can make or break the ride. In nearly all cases, by the time the concept car hits the streets, the wheels have been reduced to roller skate wheels with hubcaps. I understand that in some cases, I am showing special editions or sport editions next to base models. The special editions should get special wheels, but raise the bar. Anything less than a well designed, properly sized wheel only brings down the entire car to mediocrity.


Wheels make the Ride

The wrong wheels on a car can have a huge impact on the over all look of a car. The right wheels really set if off. There have been rare successes of OEM wheels doing the trick. Here are some pictures of my favorite wheels. I can't bring myself to make a top 10 list because I know I've forgotten a few. Feel free to sound off on the ones I've left out.

BMW 325is Basketweave Wheels. Weaves have been on so many cars, but they look best on a bimmer. I should note that I drive an 88 325is with basketweaves. I'm a bit partial.

Lamborghini Countach - I just love how deep those rear wheels are. This is the only car I ever drew in the fourth grade.

1963 Ferrari 250 classic wire wheels with tri bar knock offs. Wire wheels were on plenty of sportscars in the day, but none wore them like this Ferrari.

late 80s Corvette. I think they call these "sawblades." Very iconic.

1977 Trans-Am with the two tone "snowflake" wheels. Smokey and the Bandit!

Classic Porsche 911 Carrera. Rocking black wheels with a polished lip for over 30 years.

Alpina wheels on a sexy BMW 635csi back when 17 inch wheels were HUGE!!