FIAT 500

Pictured here is the 2009 FIAT 500 Abarth. Unfortunately, this trim will probably not come to the US anytime soon, but that's a shame. This small little car is on it's way to the US market in four trims, including a convertible and a "sporty hatchback." I'll settle for the sporty hatchback, because FIAT has racing in it's blood.

The 500 has really balanced proportions including a very wide track. It has a bump on it's nose that really stands out to me, and I think about what it would look like if there was a grille there. It would probably look just like a Mini. If the bump was smoothed out, it would look too cute. It looks like a boxer's nose that's been broken a few times, and now he's looking ready to scrap again.

The lights that are below, and to the outside of the headlights are a little weird. Are they turn signals? Do they need to be that large?

At 11 inches shorter than the Yaris, the FIAT 500 will really fill a void in the US market for a small car that people actually want. I hope Chrysler looks at the success of small performance cars in Europe before they introduce the 500 over here. It's important to remember that people enjoy driving fun cars.