Cadillac CTS

A few years back, Cadillac's commercials featured a Led Zeppelin tune that reminded their core customer exactly how old they are. Maybe it was an attempt to take them back to their youth. A time that they would want nothing to do with a Cadillac.

Enter the new CTS. It seems to be a reasonable design progression from the previous design, but this car finally offered something truly new and exciting instead of predictable. New in a classic caddy kind of way.

I think Cadillac has truly done a great job of designing an American car. Big chrome and vertical fins. Sound familiar? Look familiar? I'm not saying this is a retro design, but this Cadillac is created from the same DNA that made American cars from the 50s and 60s classics today.


Vanilla gets all the toppings!

The Honda Accord has long been a vanilla car. It has never been offensive, but it's never been the topic of conversation. The new Accord sedan is no exception. Ah, but the coupe has caught my eye. The coupe has always been marginally better looking. Vanilla, but with sprinkles. This time around, it gets all the toppings.

The new Honda Accord coupe finally looks like a coupe, rather than a sedan with less headroom in the back seat. The body sits in a forward rake, with accentuated character lines lifting the back of the car. All of the lines lead your eyes to the back, which is the best angle to view the car from. Too often is the rear neglected in the design process. The wheels fill out the wheel wells appropriately and proportionately. Finally, I like how the headlights aggressively wrap around onto the front quarter panels without appearing too big and without housing an offensive amount of chrome.

The only thing that misses, is the front grille. Honda could have looked only as far as their own luxury brand and brought in a resemblance to the Acura TL front grille to make the new Accord really come together. Even without a nice smile, the Honda Accord coupe steps up along side the Infinity G35 coupe and Nissan Altima coupe as a tasty two door sports sedan.