Chevrolet Spark. Isn't it so freakin' cute!?

Okay, I'd never drive it, but it is kinda cute.

Even smaller than the Aveo, the Spark will possibly be here for the 2011 model year. But it's not going to look like this. This is just to get people excited about the car. When it drops, I'm willing to bet we'll see a lot less wheel and a lot more wheel gap. I'm sure that integrated tailpipe won't make the cut either. It's already been beaten into submission from the original concept.

There's no reason GM shouldn't be releasing a car that looks like this. EXACTLY like this. This is what GM needs to keep up with the Toyota Yaris, the Honda Fit, The Scion Xd, and the Smart.

Now go ahead and scroll back up to the other images. Looks like an Aveo again doesn't it?


The first rule of blogging is that you should blog regularly. Give your readers a routine of sorts. The second rule of blogging is that you don't talk about fight club. No wait.... The second rule of blogging is that you never write,"Sorry it's been so long!"

So I'll end this hiatus by letting you know what's been on my mind...

This isn't an informative blog. I don't have an inside scoop, and I don't try to be the first to show you a new car. I am an automotive design critic, whose opinions don't make a whole lot of difference in today's climate of autoacalypse. But I've decided to get over that inner dilemma that I've been facing, and continue to offer up my blunt and sometimes rude opinions on all things aesthetic in yesterday's, today's, and tomorrow's cars.

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