The Nissan Cube


The Nissan Cube. I don't know where to start. If it was pink and was branded with Hello Kitty, then I could excuse the asymmetry and all the rounded corners in the glass, but this is not Hello Kitty. This is a Nissan. The same company that has brought us the Z, the 240sx, the 510, the SE-R, (and did I mention the Z?), has given us an asymmetrical cube. This cube is more confusing than the Rubik's cube, but this cube can never be solved. Not in a million years.

Asymmetry aside, I can't find any design elements that I like. I could maybe stand to see a total re-design around the tail lights. Nissan should have designed an xB. The xB is obviously popular, and although not universally accepted as aesthetically pleasing, it is an example of good design. Nissan could have rocked the box off Scion with it's own version of a sports tuned compact box.

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